Eastern Gaze #6 – Luiza Pârvu, filmmaker (Romania)


Name: Luiza Pârvu City: I was born in Craiova, the biggest town in southwestern Romania. Fresh out of highschool, I moved to Bucharest in 2005, to study film directing. In summer 2012, I moved once more, to New York, where I will be residing for a couple more years Distinguishing marks: I smile most of […]

Eastern Gaze #3 – Santa Lingeviciute, artistic director (Lithuania)


Name: Santa Lingevičiūtė (still don’t understand my mother’s decision to choose the name “Santa” and quite often have to convince people that I am not related to the Christmas guy at all). City: Currently, Vilnius. However I like to change places every five years or so and try other cities abroad. So far my choices […]

Eastern Gaze #2 Alexandra Strelkova, Film Promoter (Slovakia)


Name: Alexandra Strelkova City: Bratislava, Slovakia. Distinguishing marks: Red hair. Very tall. Plays the cello. Birthday during Transilvania IFF. Job description: I studied linguistics and diplomacy & international relations, but for the love of cinema (and music and literature and languages…) I work now in the field of international film relations. Since 2005 I’m in charge of […]

Eastern Gaze #1 Alex Traila, producer (Romania)


Name: Alex Trăilă (though I rarely use the diacritics, it makes it difficult for people) City: I am from Bucharest, Romania but live between Sarajevo, Warsaw (where I have a small garden of spices and flowers on the balcony) and Bucharest. Distinguishing marks: I have a thing for making sweets and cooking. Job description : […]