Eastern Gaze #10 – Nikolaj Nikitin, Film Agent (Russia / Germany)


Name: Nikolaj Nikitin City: Born in Moscow, back then the Soviet Union, left the country with my parents as a child, some time after the Soviet Union collapsed (up to you to see any connection there). Living in Germany since then, most of the time in Cologne, but the airplane is my second home. Distinguishing […]

Eastern Gaze #9 – Zuzana Bieliková, festivals & sales coordinator (Slovakia & Czech Rep.)


Name: Zuzana Bieliková City: Pending between Prague and Bratislava Distinguishing marks: I am fake blonde. Job description: I am a film industry professional focusing on festivals & sales services. I completed a Master’s degree at FAMU (Film Academy of Performing Arts), in Prague, in the Film& TV production department. Throughout my studies I worked on […]

Eastern Gaze #8 – Diana Fabianová, filmmaker (Slovakia)


Name: Diana Fabianová, also called Masielko (more or less “Little butter”), Severka & Letiaci Vlas (“Flying Hair”, referring to my  »dancing style »). Job:  I started with selling roses and newspapers on the street. Then I worked as a waitress, a bartender, a hostess in all kind of more or less boring events. I’ve done extras in […]

Eastern Gaze #7 – Tristan Priimägi, Film promoter (Estonia)


Name: Tristan Priimägi (good luck pronouncing it) City: Tallinn. Born in Tartu, Estonia. I moved from a small and sleepy university town to a country capital. I’m a cliché! Distinguishing marks: Physical? No tattoos or blood type tattooed under my arm. I am generally good-willed towards people and always ready for a talk, especially when […]

Eastern Gaze #6 – Luiza Pârvu, filmmaker (Romania)


Name: Luiza Pârvu City: I was born in Craiova, the biggest town in southwestern Romania. Fresh out of highschool, I moved to Bucharest in 2005, to study film directing. In summer 2012, I moved once more, to New York, where I will be residing for a couple more years Distinguishing marks: I smile most of […]

Eastern Gaze #5 – Alexei Dmitriev, filmmaker (Russia)


Name: Alexei Dmitriev City: Saint Petersburg, Russia Distinguishing marks: 2 tattoos, 2 hernia scars, 2 fresh bite marks. Job description: Before: language and literature teacher, bookseller, festival organizer. Now: unemployed/filmmaker.   Hermeneutics, by Alexei Dmitriev (Tribeca Film Festival 2013)   A Russian film that you would recommend to the rest of the world that represents […]

Eastern Gaze #4 – Maria Letowska, film promoter (Poland)


Name: Maria Letowska  City: Warsaw Distinguishing mark: Miss Holly Golightly: Traveling Job description: Well, I will start from the beginning then. I have a masters in sociology from the University of Warsaw, and I also followed a masters’ program  in European Audiovisual Media Management at the Media Business School (Spain/Germany) and one in Cultural Diplomacy […]

Eastern Gaze #3 – Santa Lingeviciute, artistic director (Lithuania)


Name: Santa Lingevičiūtė (still don’t understand my mother’s decision to choose the name “Santa” and quite often have to convince people that I am not related to the Christmas guy at all). City: Currently, Vilnius. However I like to change places every five years or so and try other cities abroad. So far my choices […]

Eastern Gaze #2 Alexandra Strelkova, Film Promoter (Slovakia)


Name: Alexandra Strelkova City: Bratislava, Slovakia. Distinguishing marks: Red hair. Very tall. Plays the cello. Birthday during Transilvania IFF. Job description: I studied linguistics and diplomacy & international relations, but for the love of cinema (and music and literature and languages…) I work now in the field of international film relations. Since 2005 I’m in charge of […]

Eastern Gaze #1 Alex Traila, producer (Romania)


Name: Alex Trăilă (though I rarely use the diacritics, it makes it difficult for people) City: I am from Bucharest, Romania but live between Sarajevo, Warsaw (where I have a small garden of spices and flowers on the balcony) and Bucharest. Distinguishing marks: I have a thing for making sweets and cooking. Job description : […]