FILM INDUSTRY – Meet Irina Albita & Maria Tanjala, founders of Big Couch & inventors of the “crewfunding” concept


For Tess Magazine, Berlin-based Crowdfunding specialist and producer Paul Rieth had the chance to talk to Irena & Maria from Big Couch during the last Berlinale. Big Couch is an innovative platform that help you with the recruiting process and makes the film crew become investors in the project. It became a talk about the […]

Book review: “The Morning They Came for Us” by Janine di Giovanni


A journalist paints a powerful portrait of the Syrians and their civil war. By Ariana Mozafari Janine di Giovanni has always been drawn to the front lines, reporting on just about every violent conflict in recent history. Although it’s challenging for many of us to find time to read these days, her latest book, “The […]

No Sexism in the Theater, Please


A new study — in which TESS Magazine took part ­— shows that the vast gender inequality gap in the film industry influences what we see on screen. By Ariana Mozafari A new study exposing vast gender inequality in the film industry was launched at the most recent edition of the Cannes Film Festival — […]

Harleighblu’s “Futurespective:” Merging Electronica, Soul, and Female Empowerment


Artist Harleighblu brings electronic baselines to passionate soul music in her latest album, appealing to lovers of techno and jazz alike. By Ariana Mozafari Harleighblu was destined for two things: soul, and revamping soul to appeal to the modern, techno-worshipping listener. The Nottingham-born English artist grew up listening to her mother’s classic soul albums and […]

Champs-Élysées Film Festival : politics and diversity in American indie films


By Ariana Mozafari There is perhaps no better place to hold a Franco-American film festival than on the Champs-Élysées, a boulevard that thrives off of merging French and tourist culture. This past week, Anglophone and Francophone movie lovers alike attended the Champs-Élysées Film Festival, which aimed to facilitate Franco-American connections through cinema. The main competition […]

#Review “Madison Square Park” by Abha Dawesar: Love in the 21st century


How does one enter adulthood while keeping close familial ties? Indian by birth, Abha Dawesar has adopted New York as her home in addition to becoming a fluent French speaker (her latest novel was published in France before its American release). Dawesar explores the ups and downs of cultural intersections in MADISON SQUARE PARK, a […]

French and American Independent Cinema Meet on the Champs-Élysées

Soirée d'ouverture au Cinéma Publicis - 7 juin 2016

By Ariana Mozafari. Paris is an epicenter for many forms of art, but if there’s one artistic presence that’s ostensibly missing from the city, it’s a large film festival. The Champs-Élysées Film Festival, which started on June 7, attempts to fill this prestigious gap while adapting to the international nature of a city like Paris. […]

Séisme de la maternité et émancipation féminine : un été avec Alba Rohrwacher


Deux films, et deux raisons de passer l’été en compagnie de l’actrice italienne la plus passionnante de sa génération : HUNGRY HEARTS (désormais disponible en DVD) et VIERGE SOUS SERMENT (en salles le 30 septembre). Texte & Photos : Pamela Pianezza Au Festival International du Film de Karlovy Vary, particulièrement friand de cinéma italien, nous avons rencontré […]

In the eyes of… Julie Gayet and Nadia Turincev, co-producers of « The Treasure »

Julie Gayet and Nadia Turincev by Pamela Pianezza

Looking into the eyes of the most inspiring folks we met on the Croisette. By Pamela Pianezza. #5 Julie Gayet & Nadia Turincev, who coproduced « The Treasure », by Romanian master Corneliu Porumboiu. This story of a broke father who embarks on a treasure hunt under Robin Hood’s influence is the sweetest tale ever written on […]

In the eyes of… Christine Haupt, co-producer of « One Floor Below »

Christine Haupt by Pamela Pianezza

Looking into the eyes of the most inspiring folks we met on the Croisette. By Pamela Pianezza. #4 Christine Haupt, who co-produced the challenging and enigmatic anti-thriller « One Floor Below », by Romanian director Radu Muntean, screened at Un Certain Regard. A tight exploration of a man’s weaknesses (he almost witnessed his neighbour’s murder but refuses […]